What SIZE Wrap and Cap & Base do I need?

Don't try to "eyeball" the diameter of your column. Measure the circumference around your column with a tape measure or string. Use this measurement to cross reference and find your column's diameter (see third paragraph). The three standard column diameters for residential basements are 3 in., 3.5 in. and 4 in. Always choose your Pole-Wrap models based on this initial circumference measurement used to find your column diameter.

Note: you will not need to choose a larger diameter Cap & Base or Drink Shelf model to accommodate the thickness of our Wrap. These models are already sized to fit over the Wrap after it's applied. In other words, the "actual" inside diameters of these models are one half inch greater than the specified size on the box (i.e., our 4 in. size is actually cut to a 4.5 in. diameter).

Choose your Wrap model based on this circumference measurement as well. For example, if you have 4 in. diameter column (approx. 12.5 in. circum.) you would need to purchase a 16 in. wide Wrap model. Choose a 12 in. wide Wrap model for 3 in. diameter (9.5" circum.) and 3.5 in. diameter (11 in. circum.) columns.

Note: The length and width of our Wraps must be cut down to exactly fit your specific column. 

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