Can Pole-Wrap be applied to a 4-1/2 inch diameter column?

You can use our product to finish your 4½ inch diameter column.
Installation would be slightly different, however. Instead of mounting our cap and base trim over the outside of our Wrap, you would cut the Wrap length 2¼ inches shorter (height of cap and base together) and mount the cap and base above and below your Wrapped column. Note the inside diameter of our specified size 4 inch cap and base set is actually 4½ inches to accommodate the thickness of our Wrap. Just be sure to make your cross-cut for the Wrap length exactly perpendicular so it meets the cap and base evenly.
The oak models you will need for each column are as follows.
85168 (96 x 16 inch Oak Wrap)
85CB40 (4 inch size Oak Cap & Base has 4½ inch actual inside diameter)

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