About Us

About Us
Laurie and Dan Coleman
Pole-Wrap, Inc., a family-owned business, is the exclusive manufacturer of Pole-Wrap products with distribution throughout the United States and Canada. We specialize in decorative wood trim for finishing or remodeling structural support columns. All products and designs featured on this website are the property of Pole-Wrap, Inc.


We believe that providing the finest quality products and uncompromising customer service to be the keys for our success.


Pole-Wrap, Inc. was founded in 1994 after Laurie and Dan Coleman remodeled their own basement at their home in Troy, Michigan. They had been faced with the same problem most homeowners and professional remodelers encounter when they finish a basement -- what to do with those unsightly basement poles in the middle of the room?

Over time, and through Laurie’s persistence, the company grew steadily. Pole-Wrap soon attracted the attention of the large home improvement chains. Builder’s Square was the first to pick up the line. But Pole-Wrap's big opportunity was when a buyer at The Home Depot decided to test Pole-Wrap in Michigan. The editors of three major home improvement magazines at the time, Popular Mechanics, Family Handyman and Home Mechanics, had all chosen to write articles about Pole-Wrap. Michigan Home Depot sales proved promising and the chain decided to make Pole-Wrap a stock item in stores across the Midwest and into the northeastern states. Lowe’s home improvement stores, along with some smaller chains and online retailers, began picking up the Pole-Wrap product line soon after.

An optional cap and base moulding trim was eventually added in response to consumer requests. There was a strong desire to complete the look of a classic fluted column. Originally available only in red oak, Pole-Wrap has added a paintable MDF, maple and cherry woods to its product assortment. Other additions included a Drink Shelf and four-foot Wrap Extension for high ceiling basement applications.

Most recently, Pole-Wrap has become extremely popular as a wall covering and for funiture resurfacing applications. The product has gone viral on TikTok as many influencers are promoting these exciting new applications for Pole-Wrap.

Pole-Wrap has been in business now for over 30 years and is the most nationally recognized brand for finishing basement lally columns. In addition to store stock availability in the northeast and midwest states, Pole-Wrap products are also available on homedepot.com and homedepot.ca for immediate delivery to your home or jobsite location in the United States and Canada.