Decorative Basement Pole Covers

We manufacture our decorative basement column covers as an ideal solution to cover your basement poles. We chose a classic fluted column design because it has timeless appeal and is adaptable to a variety of room decors. Another advantage is that there are no sharp square corners for active young children or distracted adults to injure themselves.

We offer decorative basement pole covers in a variety of unfinished wood types to enhance many different basement styles. We offer premium woods cherry, light maple and red oak pole coverings. If you would like to paint your own pole cover to match your specific basement decor, we offer a Paintable MDF Wrap. Our paintable column cover provides the widest range of design flexibility while still offering the same quality and ease of installation as our unfinished hardwood Wraps.

Basement Drink Shelves

Along with our line of pole coverings, we also have an add-on product that allows you to turn your basement pole or lally column into a circular basement drink rail. Since our Drink Shelf installs directly over our installed Wraps you have the option to add a shelf at any time.  Our Drink Shelf is a sturdy design capable of easily holding up to 50 pounds.