A Simple & Elegant Transition

Beautifying your unfinished basement columns is quick and easy! Pole-Wrap® transforms basement poles or lally columns necessary for structural support into an elegant feature of your room. Simply cut the Wrap length and width to fit your specific application and glue directly to your support column using any name brand construction adhesive (i.e., Liquid Nails for "Projects'). A cap and base molding can then be easily added to complete the look of a classic fluted column.

Installation Instructions

Click on the Installation Instructions download buttons below and see our Pole-Wrap installation video along with individual instruction sheets for each of our products. These include the Wrap column cover with optional Cap & Base trim, the Drink Shelf and add-on Wrap Extension required for high ceiling (over 8 ft.) basement applications. The 4 ft. length Wrap Extension is used in conjunction with our standard 8 ft. length Pole-Wrap.

Finishing Tips

Pole-Wrap products are pre-sanded and ready for finishing to match your decor exactly. Our products are made from premium hardwoods and MDF. Paint or stain as you would any wood surface. Just two coats of polyurethane really brings out the rich natural hardwood grain and looks great! For our MDF models we recommend an oil, alcohol or lacquer based primer for best results. Latex paint can then be applied if preferred.

Notes on Fitting for Pole-Wrap and Cap & Base

Pole-Wrap Cap & Base trim models are pre-cut and sized to fit over Pole-Wrap column covers. For example, if you have a 4 in. diameter unfinished column (12½ in. circumference), you would use our 4 in. size Cap & Base trim which has an actual inside diameter that is half an inch greater (4½ in. actual I.D.).

The Pole-Wrap column cover needed to fit a 4 in. diameter unfinished column is our 16 in. wide size.  Pole-Wrap column covers can easily be cut to fit individual applications.  See Instruction Sheet for details.

Installation Instructions
Pole-Wrap Sizing Chart Download File
Wrap with Cap & Base Installation (English) Download File
Wrap with Cap & Base Installation (Spanish) Download File
High Ceiling Extension Install Download File
Drink Shelf Installation Download File