Pole-Wrap Extension

Pole-Wrap Extension
The 4 ft. Pole-Wrap Extension can be used in conjunction with our standard 8 ft. length of Pole-Wrap for special column applications involving high ceiling basements of up to 12 ft. from floor to ceiling.

Our Wrap Extensions are pre-sanded and ready for finishing to match your decor exactly. Paint or stain as you would any wood surface. Just two coats of polyurethane looks great! For our MDF models we recommend an oil, alcohol or lacquer based primer for best results. Latex paint can then be applied if preferred.

A circumference measurement around the column is important for determining column diameter and selection of the correct model size (use a tape measure or string). See Pole-Wrap Sizing Chart for diameter conversion and other helpful reference charts below.

Note: Consider purchasing our Pole-Wrap Drink Shelf to completely cover any trace of a seam.  Otherwise, to hide the joining seam you will need an exact 90 degree cut and to align the panels carefully during installation.  If painting, use a filler and sand before applying primer and paint. The Pole-Wrap Extension and Drink Shelf are only available in Oak or MDF for purchase online or through special order at your local retailer.

Pole-Wrap Extension Application Chart

Unfinished Column Diameter ⇒ 3 in.  3 ½ in. 4 in.
Extension Size Needed ⇒  12 x 48 in. 12 x 48 in. 16 x 48 in.

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