Lally Column Wood Wraps

What are lally posts or lally columns?

Invented by John Lally over 100 years ago, lally posts or lally columns are concrete filled columns that are commonly used as a support member in buildings. These columns are always a tubular shaped column and hollow with a steal wall so they can be easily cut to size on the job site and filled with concrete to increase their load bearing ability.

Lally Column Wood Wraps

Our lally column wood Wraps  give you the ability to cover those unsightly lally poles in your basement. With decades of business experience and many happy customers, our lally column wood Wraps have been a successful product line for styling basements while providing the function of covering your basement lally poles.

Our lally column covers are half inch wide wood panel sheets.  They flex between the panels so that they can conform directly to the perimeter of your lally columns (lally basement poles). With our Wraps, you are able to easily cut the size to fit your specific pole height and circumference.

Our Wraps come in a variety of hardwood species including a paintable product that will allow you to compliment your basement decor exactly. We offer Maple, Oak, Cherry wood column covers and we also manufacturer a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) covering Wrap that allows you to paint the Wrap to match your basement's design.

Please note that our column Wraps are not a structured split column. They are a pliable sheet that is glued directly to an existing lally column or basement pole.