Pole Wrap

Beautifully Cover Your Basement Poles!

Purchase POLE-WRAP Online or at your local home improvement Store.

Take some of the work out of remodeling your basement by covering your existing structural support columns with POLE-WRAP. Our Decorative Basement Pole Covers are quick and easy to install. A smart alternative to the tedious process of building a box around your unfinished basement poles, lally columns and jack posts. Our column covers install in a fraction of the time and are more elegant than traditional boxing.

Necessary for structural support, basement poles, lally columns and jack posts are a challenge when designing a floor plan for below grade areas. If you enclose all columns inside walls, living space becomes confined. Better plans have larger rooms and exposed structural support columns. When you consider the time savings and our product quality, POLE-WRAP is very affordable and a smart investment significantly enhancing the overall appeal of your living space.  

Bring out the rich natural hardwood beauty of our column covers by finishing with two coats of polyurethane.  Our MDF models are sanded smooth and great for painting.  Add our pre-sized, solid wood cap and base trim to complete the timeless appeal and classic look of a fluted column.

POLE-WRAP Pole Covers

  • Available in premium Red Oak, Light Maple, Cherry, and MDF for painting
  • Installs quick and easy using construction adhesive (e.g., Liquid Nails)
  • Basement pole cover sheet height and width easily cut to fit
  • Cap & Base sets available for standard 3 in., 3½ in. and 4 in. diameter columns
  • Simple to finish with only two coats of polyurethane
  • Can also be custom stained or painted to match your decor exactly
  • 4 ft. length Wrap available to add for high ceiling applications (over 8 ft.)
  • Optional Drink Shelf makes the most of your beautifully finished basement pole